Do you feel overwhelmed by wedding planning?

Are you struggling to pick a colour palette or narrow down your décor choices?

Our Wedding Design service helps you gain clarity and direction, giving you the tools you need to create your dream wedding.

From Pinterest to Instagram and everything in between, engaged couples are exposed to a constant stream of inspiration. With so much choice available, it’s easy to become distracted by trends and lose sight of what you really want.

With years of experience, a passion for elegant events, and a carefully curated collection of wedding décor and props at our disposal, we provide expert design knowledge and fresh ideas to help you find your personal wedding style.

How It Works

Get in Touch

Say hello using the contact form on our website and we’ll respond via email to arrange a consultation.


This is when the magic happens! Inviting you into our studio for a two-hour consultation, we’ll ensure there are plenty of delicious refreshments and posh biscuits on hand to fuel the creative process.

Working through a series of questionnaires, we’ll explore your preferences and encourage you to communicate the hopes and dreams you have for your wedding day.

Based on this initial chat, we’ll start pulling together fabrics, resources and materials that perfectly fit your vision. Filling the studio with props, décor and details from The Ivy Cottage collection, a clear design direction will quickly begin to emerge.

Analyse, Edit, Refine

Once our brains are brimming with inspiration, it’s time to work through the creative chaos and form a solid plan. Identifying key colours, textures, patterns and themes, we’ll edit and refine our ideas to create an authentic and cohesive look for your wedding day.

Personalised Wedding Style Guide

After your consultation, we’ll create your Personalised Wedding Style Guide. This contains a detailed mood board depicting the overall tone and style of your wedding, plus a colour/texture/pattern palette to keep you on track as you plan your celebration.

We strongly recommend using your Style Guide while browsing our inventory of hire items and personalised wedding décor. You can also refer to it while liaising with other suppliers.

For an additional fee, your Style Guide can be tailored to fit your chosen venue. After discussing the building’s layout and your inpidual needs, we’ll pide and categorise our suggestions into specific locations such as welcome area, ceremony room, wedding breakfast, cake table, and evening reception space.

Every wedding is different, and every venue is unique. As well as a detailed list of décor, props and accessory suggestions (including custom signs, furniture, table linen, lighting, flowers, fabric and backdrops), this option includes sketches and photo mock-ups to illustrate your design. 

Once you’re happy with your wedding design, you have three options:

Collect your chosen products and props from our studio and set everything up yourselves.


  • Delivery & DIY

    If you exceed a minimum hire fee of £100, we’ll provide free delivery to your chosen venue, ready for you to set-up your event.

  • Full Wedding Set-Up & Styling 

    Like an extra pair of hands on your wedding day, we’ll deliver, set-up and style your entire design. Prices start from £100.