I love giving gifts

I love giving gifts

Thinking of what a person would love to open, wrapping them up, it all adds to the fun of gift giving although it can be stressful.

Finding the perfect gift is hard, there are always friends or family members that have everything, 

or buy things for themselves. Your mum who "just having you home" is enough the list of potential gift problems can go on and on.

Over the last 7 years we have seen so many of our customers put 

together some beautiful gifts for their loved ones. Here are our

top tips

Start by making a list.

Make a list of the things the person you are buying a gift
for like

this list can be as long as it needs to be, write down all the
things they like, their hobbies, fashion brands they wear, places they love

this will give you a huge starting point to creating a really beautiful
personalised gift.


Take inspiration from the past

Create a gift to capture a special moment or milestone

our Photoprints are perfect for this, and we have had some amazing 

pictures and captions turned into gifts.


Generations of families, newborn babies, favourite holiday

snapshots, all make wonderful gifts to tug at the heart strings.


What does the person need ?

Gift boxes, letterbox gifts, care packages, the list of ways to create gifts
that just let your loved ones know you care is endless. Take a moment
to think about what stresses they have. One Christmas I was super stressed trying
to juggle a busy workload, hosting a large family Christmas and i was
was really run down. My lovely sister in law gifted me a beautiful care bag filled with scented candles, prosecco
and some lovely chocolates, it was exactly what I needed but didn't know it at the time.

What are your go to gift giving tips, let us know in the comments 


take care


February 07, 2021 — Katie Mays