Do I need a wedding welcome sign ?

So you have set the date, booked your venue, chosen you dress and you are finalising the finishing touches to your big day. 

Styling your day and choosing your decor is like decorating your home, it shows your personality as a couple, one of the first items that your guests will see on your big day is a Wedding Welcome Sign.

They can be placed at the entrance to a church, it is a really good way to make sure guests are arriving at the Church at the right entrance, and can give a helping hand to the Best Man or Ushers who may be feeling overwhelmed or soothing the Groom.

Wedding Welcome Sign

Hotel’s are a really popular choice as a wedding venue, they often do not offer exclusive use and are fairly large, a  personalised wedding welcome sign can help reassure guests they are in the right place and will make sure they reach the ceremony room. They are often placed in the reception area, or outside the ceremony area.

Rustic Wedding Venues are hugely popular, farms, converted barns, industrial warehouses, fields the list is endless, and offer a blank canvas for the creative Bride and Groom. They often have exclusive use, and are off the beaten track, so a wedding welcome sign is essential at these venues. Our  best selling wedding welcome sign is perfect for these venues, rustic, chunky and provides lots of presence and a warm welcome to your guests.

Not sure where to place your wedding welcome sign, leave us a comment or drop us a message  with your wedding venue and we can advise where we would place your sign. With over 5000 welcome signs crafted since 2013 we will have created a wedding sign for a venue similar to yours.

Til next time