Charity Christmas Eve Box

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Limited Edition Charity Christmas Eve Box

This design is a limited edition for Christmas 2016, a donation of £2 will be donated to Ashleigh & Jackson Charity Night Page page via just giving. Ashleigh is raising money for the wonderful charity Group B Strep Support  who educate families and health professionals to prevent devastating infections in babies.

Our handcrafted Wooden Christmas Eve box to keep Christmas eve treats inside!

Create a wonderful tradition to surprise your child with a magical 'night before Christmas'.

Fill your box with things like Christmas pyjamas, a Christmas DVD, Santa's key, food for Rudolf, sweet treats or anything you can think of before placing it under the tree on Christmas eve for your child to excitedly open and see all their Christmas surprises! 

We make all and design all our boxes, so if you have any requests we will do our best to make them for you.The boxes can be personalised with your children’s names. 

We craft the boxes by hand at our workshop in Yorkshire, they are hand painted and finished with hand painted illustrations and lettering.

Dimensions 300mm x 300mm x150mm high

we are working on a two week turnaround at present.

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