About Us

Welcome to The Ivy Cottage Homeware Company, we take practical everyday items and turn them into stylish works of art for your home.

We are a creative homeware business based in Yorkshire, specializing in designing and hand crafting storage and signage for the home and special occasions.

It really is a family business, with Me (Katie), my sister Amy and Dad (Brian) working together to create our collections.

I have always been creative, my favourite Christmas present was bundles of paper, pens, and paints where I would while away the hours writing, doodling and painting
 After studying law at university and a career in commercial property, my creativity didn’t have an outlet for quite a few years. 

Amy has always been very organised, logical and creative in very different ways to me, she is a dab hand at paper crafts and even made me gorgeous little favour boxes for my wedding.

Brian (Dad) had over 40 years construction knowledge, so he knows his way around a power tool or two, and he is a wizz at taking our sketches and transforming them into wood.

Sometimes your life has to be completely shaken up, changed and re arranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be.

This was so true of all of us back in 2013, I had left a stressful job in commercial property, Amy had welcomed her first child and Brian had faced his job ending after 33 years. 

So how did all this lead to Storage Boxes, and hand painted home accessories ?

Well I am a bit of a hoarder, I have a hard time things leaving my house, I will always look at an object and think of the potential uses that it could have, I always have little bundles of items around the home that needed to somewhere pretty to live.

I bought cardboard boxes, baskets and the like but I wanted something unique, the right size and a little sturdier, with that idea in mind our woodworking department (Brian) created our domed box and rectangle box which were really functional, strong and practical but soooo boring.

I painted them up in pretty pastel colours and loving all the vintage style hand lettering our Vintage Rose Collection was born. 

Why The Ivy Cottage Homeware Company?

For me and Amy this was our full time job, we lived and breathed designing useful boxes, creating mood boards, making sure the wrapping of each product was lovely and protective. We loved waiting for orders to arrive, our excitment levels increased when they were packaged in pretty paper and we wanted our customers to experience a little moment of joy when their Ivy Cottage delivery arrived too.


We needed a name that summed up this new adventure we were starting. Amy came up with The Ivy Cottage because of her favourite book from childhood, the story is about making a home, moving from the city to the country, and the friendships and adventures that follows, not unlike our little business really. The Homeware Company was added to reinforce that we craft items for the home.

Nowadays you will find me knee deep in sawdust (yes we use power tools), covered in paint, sketching ideas for new products, and working out how they fit together from our studio in South Yorkshire. 

We take the raw materials of wood, paint, string and ribbon and design and craft storage boxes and signage for the home, keepsake celebration boxes, and sentimental signs for weddings, birthdays or just to express your personality in your home.

All our work is made by hand, this includes our hand painted lettering and illustrations, and we love working with clients to create something unique for their home or special day. 

As our adventure continues, I think the saying “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” is so true.

Katie & Amy x